Improvement in health and nutritional status of the population has been a major thrust area for the developmental programmes in our country. Malnutrition among children is rampant. One in every three of the world’s malnourished children live here in India and about 55 percent of all childhood deaths in India are attributable to malnutrition (WHO’98). As per the NFHS-3 the percentage of underweight children in Odisha state is 44%. When we talk about the nutrition, we need to plan our interventions by life cycle approach to impact maternal and child nutrition with emphasizing the IYCF. Children most commonly become malnourished between six months of his/her age up to two years of age.

NYDHEE has been consciously working on improved nutrition outcomes in the intervention villages. Accordingly, various days are observed like the Annaprasan Day (Day of initiating supplementary feeding) to initiate supplementary nutrition.

Further, NYDHEE has been working with the system (The Anganwadi workers) to improve service delivery of health and nutrition.

Numerous trainings have been conducted on Nutrition & Hygiene for the different stakeholders by NYDHEE in the intervention villages.

Further trainings on IYCF has been planned in the intervention villages by NYDHEE in the current year.

Trainings on menstrual hygiene and Adolescent Reproductive Sexual Health (ARSH) has been conducted by NYDHEE in the intervention villages of Bangriposi in Mayurbhanj district of Odisha.