A major programme called “Communities for Forest and Forest for Life”with support of Both Endswas implemented by NYDHEE in 2015-16 in Bangriposi block of Mayurbhanj district. The major aim was to

  • Involve schools for piloting the functional education on forest issues among students
  • Engage with the VSS members on Forest issue.
  • Campaign on “One Childe One Plant”
  • Seasonal mapping of forest products.
  • Engage with Forest Officials on Forest Conservation
  • Preparation of Village Forest Protection Plan and its execution
  • Training of Women in sustainable harvest of forest produce
  • Preparation of Panchayat Plan on sustainable forest economy
  • Initiate cross learning opportunity with leading academic research institutions
  • Advocacy and mobilisation of Govt. funds for Forest Conservation


  • A Manual for Children was developed on How Do I Protect My Forest that served as a Guide for different practitioners of forest issues.
  • My Forest – A Herbarium for Children


Large scale plantation activities have been carried out by NYDHEE in Bangriposi block of Mayurbhanj district in Odisha.

Fruit bearing plants like Guava, Pomegranate, Mango, Jamun etc. have been planted in the different schools of Bangriposi.

Climate Change:

Over 250 women SHG members in Bangriposi have been oriented on Climate Change and its impact on environment.

Organic Farming Techniques:

Various organic farming techniques have been shared and implemented in Bangriposi block of Mayurbhanj. The prime among them could be listed as below.

  • Pit Compost
  • Organic liquor to be used as pesticide
  • Vermi composting technology
  • Traditional Seeds Mela for conservation of traditional varieties