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The organization “N Y D H E E” is a non-political, non-government, non-profitable voluntary organization and of philanthropic status. This organization is established with the convocation that every one in the society has the right to get justice in social, economic, education, environment and cultural sphere that steps should be taken to up-lift the under privileged of the society, especially in the rural areas to get the minimum living standard. The organization has taken birth on the National Youth Day i.e. 12th January, 2000 by the efforts of like minded, dedicated and committed youth to might out the problems. However it may be a challenge before us to address the sufferings of weaker sections and affected people by our voluntary involvement in development agenda. It hope to have a broken through to address the problem and March forward the overall peace, we firmly believe that first of all we shall have to attain our thrust to bring out a change in the society i.e. “N Y D H E E” starts work for the promotion by all constitutional means at the interest of the Indian people, irrespective of caste, creed, sex and religion.


A society where the people enjoy equal rights and opportunities with the availability of all the basic needs for all through the process of sustainable development.

NYDHEE has been working consistently towards delivering of excellent services to the society and developing the people in the constantly changing environment’. The Organisation dedicates itself with the mission of securing education for all, establishing a healthy society, empowering women, alleviating poverty, establishment of human rights etc

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